Copper wire rings

I sell these rings locally for $7 each, will ship for $12 for one including shipping, additional items going to same address/same box for $8 each. 

Sizes are approximate. Beads vary in size. The band is just the wire. The adjustable rings can be a size 6 to 7, but will harden and be less adjustable with time. Copper will age and darken with wear and time.

Here is my PayPal link where you can use a credit/debit card. Make sure you message me which items you are purchasing.

Size 5 rings

a- amethyst

b- rose quartz

c- smoky quartz

d- peacock agate

e- chrysocolla

f- obsidian

g- tiger eye

h- peacock agate

Size 6

i- amethyst

j- smoky quartz

k- smoky quartz

l- tiger eye

m- tiger eye -SOLD

n- amethyst and garnet

o- obsidian

p- rose quartz

q- peacock agate -SOLD

Size 7

r- tiger eye

s- smoky quartz

t- peacock agate

u- rose quartz -SOLD

v- peacock agate -SOLD

w- turquoise chip -SOLD

x- garnet chip

y- amethyst